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“Touchscreens empower visual and hands-on learners…”

Technology is constantly evolving, and to achieve optimum learning results classrooms must evolve also. Interactive touchscreens are widely accepted as the better alternative to projectors and displays.
Everyday educators are competing for student’s attention due to constant stimulation from devices such as smart phones and tablets. Instead of competing, why not embrace? Many educators have already taken this approach and shifted towards collaborative lessons that encourage active participation and student collaboration.
Touchscreens facilitate this, allowing interactive presentations, annotation over digital content and access to educational apps. Due to everyday exposure to HD TV, gaming consoles and smart devices, students have become accustom to bright, crisp images.

Anything inferior, lacks impact. This impact cannot be achieved through the dim lamp of a projector, regardless of the quality of content.

Touchscreens that feature anti-glare glass and HD or FHD (4K) resolution combat the affect an unclear image could have your lessons.

The best part, it doesn’t matter how bright your classroom is or where the student is seated, the viewing angle on LED touchscreens with these features, is second to none.

Interactive Touch Screens - Boardroom - Presentation

The Classic Range of Commbox touchscreens remains Australia’s favourite classroom touchscreen. Classic good looks, including a sturdy aluminium frame, toughened glass and rock-solid reliability makes the Classic Range a winner every time.

Impressive from all angles

All Classic touchscreens incorporate the highest quality Commercial Grade LED displays, rewarding the audience with superior image quality, excellent viewing angles and brightness. Paired with CommBox Glide™ technology, they provide unmatched visibility from all angles in any light-filled room.

Experience 4K Ultra Screens in your Board Room

The Classic range provides superior resolution for 70”, 80”, 90” and 103” models at 3840x2160 @60Hz. With ultra sharp graphics and text, your presentations will create a lasting impression.

A smarter Investment

By utilising only the highest quality components, a CommBox Touchscreen has a 17 year life expectancy and does not require maintenance or replacement lamps.

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